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When you are looking for custom golf club fitting St Louis has many choices.  But if you want the best you need not look any further than the GolfTEC center in Clayton.  We use a golf club fitting system called TECFit which provides a practical and accurate fitting experience to maximize your golf game where you end up with the perfect equipment for you. When u have the best golf fitting system,  golfers get an extra boost of confidence knowing that the new clubs are going to give a better outcome.

 At GolfTEC, certified professional golf club fitters are available to interpret your results and determine the clubs appropriate to ensure your game efficiency.

 Extracting your data using Foresight technology, our certified club fitters will measure the trajectory and the spin rates of the ball flight. Individual shot patters shall be mapped and cross referenced to the SwingLabs database of club/shaft combinations and determine the models that fit your swing.

You will be able to try the top three club models from the results and get the model which get optimum outcome from your swings.

 The selected club can then be ordered from the manufacturer with specifications to best optimize your results. Using a club which is specifically designed for you is a high assurance that your game shall work a bit better. And nothing beats the confidence and results your new custom fitted clubs can bring to you.      


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