Custom Golf Club Fitting Of Drivers

The Perks of Custom Club Fitting For Drivers

Custom Golf Club Fit St.Louis GolfproDo NOT underestimate the importance of having a custom fit driver whether you live in St Louis or anyplace else. The difference in a standard, off the shelf driver, and a custom fit driver made for your swing can be HUGE for your golf game. We use proprietary swing analysis software and club fitting software to make sure the club you receive is the best for your game.

With so many manufacturer antics on what driver to have, golfers are confused on what to purchase. Recommendations from PGA and Sales Professionals are also adding to the confusion and hard decision making. Therefore, a golfer tends to overlook the facts about the equipment and settles to purchase based on marketing instead.

What manufacturers are actually helping at are players who are target of very specific drivers. It creates less confusion. There are also customers who are insisting on having a low loft and stiff flex that the fitters are discouraging. Nevertheless, the market is slowly shifting into having high regard for high launch, low spin and dynamic driver fitting. But with the help of technology and computer software, a golfer can be accurately custom-fit for driver indoors or outdoors.

Club Fitting in St.Louis Golf ProTo carry on a successful driver fitting, basic facts should be accurately measured. Information such as the player’s swing speed, point ball speed, point ball spin rate, launch angle, carry distance and overall distance are successively determined to come up with an objective result.

Launch Monitors are utilized during fitting and this helps the golfer and the fitter to have a mutual choice on the proper equipment manufacture and specifications based on the swing performance. Computer software will present readings of the golfer’s performance. It will determine the shaft flex based on the swing speed. The ball speed is relevant for choosing a ball that compliments with and enhance the performance. Spin rates are also relevant for launch conditions. The right golf balls are also determined to which actually works best with the driver to boost yardage and accuracy.

With this information, you can do no wrong in choosing the right driver. Though a fitter is well equipped to get you fitted, this technology is more complementary to the golfing public for a more accurate opinion. Yet still, with the last choice being with the customer, there are still those who would not budge with what they really want. In that case, the client has yet to be aware of the drawbacks on not having the right equipment. Better yet, the client should be more knowledgeable on what to actually look and check to have the best driver. Best yet, a trained fitter with a Launch Monitor remain the best way to have the best driver for you.

GolfTec Club FitFitting is actually very useful for an average golfer with a not so average performance. Even when you wanted so much to launch the ball to your designated path but unable to do so, with the right fitting, you will have the right equipment and only work on your swing improvement. The driver is expensive and it costs the same if it is an off the shelf club or a custom fit club, so why not spend a few extra dollars for a less than an hour fitting session and have the right driver afterwards?

Technology has been so generous for golfers so take advantage of it. The fitting cost is very minimal compared to the sure performance the driver will work with you. So better enjoy your game with the golf balls flying to just the right directions.