The Best Way To Get Fit With New Irons

Custom Golf Club Fitting For Irons At Golftec St Louis – Clayton Branch

Golftec Club Fitting IronsHaving the right irons still begin by providing the correct measurements and quick assessment of your games. The success of any club fitting session is centered into the correct information. Simple information such as these are actually taken into consideration: gender, height with stockings or socks, distance from the wrist to the floor with you bare feet, age, handicap or skill level, speed of your swing, and club you use for a 150 yard marker. Fortunately we have the most advanced club fitting software and swing analysis software and use advanced launch monitors to help find the perfect irons for your game.

Your gender is actually the basis for the standard measurements to apply to you because each gender has different standard of measurements.

To determine the golf club which is best for you, the distance between your wrist and the floor will be the basis. Also, ladies and men can have different measurements. About 80% of golfers are using the standard length but it can be a different case when you are taller of shorter.

And the rest of the information and measurement enumerated above are determinants of the appropriate shaft flex for you.

Irons Club Fitting St.LouisGolfProThe length of your club is very important for you to accurately have. Given the same swing speed, a longer golf club can hit further. But it may be hard to control because the arc is longer. Still there are pros and cons. But then most golfers sacrifice the greater control and go for a longer length.

Proper golf club length actually depends on the proportion of your height and the length of your arms.

Aside from the length, you must also be aware of the golf club flex right for you. Flex is the stiffness of the golf club provided by the shaft used. Stiffer shafts are generally used by stronger hitting golfer. Thus the right flex is measured by your strength and golfing skills. Proper flex should be determined and applied to your Woods and Irons and difference of flexes are also base on the length of the clubs.

Adjustments of the loft and lie are also applicable to your clubs. The lie adjustment will have your iron club bent to a certain position. It is strongly to have the adjustment made in person than online. The adjustment is based on how you address the ball so it should be taken into consideration. And wrongly adjusted club is not a good idea for re-adjustment.

St.Louisgolfpro Iron Club FittingWoods, hybrid clubs and putters are not made with materials that can withstand the adjustments so it not a good idea to have them adjusted.

Loft adjustment on the other hand is quite different from the lie adjustments. It is actually just changing the loft of the club. Thus it would be better to actually seek for the right loft than have them adjusted because bending the loft can weaken the iron and can actually compromise the whole metal performance of your club.

If you want your golf game to be the very best, come see us for custom fit irons. They cost the same as off the shelf irons, so why would you even consider buying clubs not fitted for you.