Golf Lessons Grafton IL

If you seriously want to cut strokes off your game, you have to discover the best golf lessons Grafton Illinois citizens can find. Let’s face it, everybody knows that golf is a tough game and improving by yourself is almost impossible. Thankfully, we have the best option to your problem.

We are Golftec in neighboring St Louis (in the Clayton area) and with our golf swing mechanics programs, we will help you cut strokes off of your rounds and take your game to a new level. This is a honest statement of REALITY that others are not able to make. Our golf students have a 95 percent success rate. Isn’t this what you are searching for?

Private Golf Lessons Near Me In Grafton

We have the premiere facility for golf lessons and golf instruction nearby your location. We use video based lessons together with cutting-edge swing analysis software to evaluate your swing. This combined with the knowledge of our PGA certified teaching professionals will take your game to the next level. Check out even more about exactly what we do different and much better than anybody else in the area below.



Golf Swing Instruction

In order to improve your golf game we need to first get some data about how you are swinging now. We have wonderful technology that allows us to gather data about your swing and this helps provide an objective analysis of your swing. Once we have your starting information, we have a patented process called G-Swing Technology that provides you with a real-time video and motion analysis. Adjustments on your swing are visually presented using a color-coding system. So the unique part of getting lessons with us is that we use videos and patented processes to show you what your swing looks like now, analyze where the major issues are and this will give one of our PGA certified pros an accurate approach to improving your game.

Golfing Grip Instruction

One of the first things we take a look at when a new golfer comes in for a golf swing assessment is to evaluate their grip. It is the foundation for all future success. If you don’t have the correct golf grip, then your chances of success reduce. Practically everybody we see has something improper that we can improve, whether it be the location of the right hand on the club or the position of the left hand on the club or the grip pressure or how the right and left hand collaborate. All of this looks like it ought to be easy, but you following our golf grip recommendations are crucial to your ultimate success.

Golf Stance Over Ball

After we look at your grip, we will look at your stance and your golf posture. This is the next part of the process. If your stance and posture are not ideal, we will first show you with our large screen television monitors, what your stance and posture is like now and then show you what it should look like. Then after a while, the video feedback along with your ability to feel the proper stance and posture will start to change old bad habits into new good habits.


How To Swing a Club

Progressive enhancement is what we are searching for with each lesson. We know that you cannot attempt to change a lot of things at a time. We understand that improving your golf swing is a process. Our objective is to tackle the greatest problems initially and then deal with the smaller problem areas. This will guarantee consistency of improvement and enhanced performance. As we went over earlier, the basic skill of grip and set-up will be the starting point of the training. The mastery of each of these elements of the swing is necessary to enhancing your game. You will be surprised what progress you will make after you begin seeing on video replay your swing, and then begin seeing and feeling what your swing resembles when you hit good shots. This is the difference with our golf swing video feedback analysis.

Golf Lessons Worth It

We know that driving from Grafton takes some time and a great deal of commitment. So we want to assure you that the time and expense for what is learned is not forgotten.  That is why we put all of you important information on the cloud where only you can access it!  Our online computer based service gives you unprecedented 24/7 access to videos of your swing, and recommendations from your teaching professional that are recorded every time you have a lesson. This platform allows you to review your materials and view your coaches’ comments and recommendations. This Player Performance Center also allows you to manage your accounts, keep track of your progress and schedule lessons. What’s best is that you can access these through smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers and the like anywhere and anytime.

Instruction Indoor

You and I know that in order to become a better golfer, you need to practice. GolfTEC Clayton uses interactive videos, letting you watch replays of your swing and then we will provide you with video based golf lessons and drills that will help you work on the areas of your swing that need improvement.