St Louis Golf Instruction By PGA Pros At GolfTEC Clayton

St.Louis golf instructionsMany people are looking to improve their golf game and they are fortunate in that they can find the best golf instruction St Louis has to offer at Golftec in Clayton.  We can say we are the best because we have the statistics to back it up.  We have a 95% success rate in improving the scores of our students.  See if you can find any other professionals that can make that claim and back it up.  The way that we are able to achieve such great results is by the combination of videotaping your golf swing and then analyzing it with our proprietary swing analysis software.  Our students get INSTANT FEEDBACK on large screen video monitors as to what they are doing improperly.

Here are a few things that we see often and can be helped. 

Swing Plane Problems

85 percent of the amateurs slice the ball but very few Tour players do this. And basically the reason is that pro players square the clubface at impact by swinging the club at a flatter plane. The two scenarios where slicing can happen is when you do a steep downswing leading to an outside-in swing and or you hit the fall open face at impact.

To have more control on slicing try to practice in a flatter swing plane by hovering the clubhead about a foot from the ground. This will enable more arm rotation and creates more clubface rotation. In effect, doing this more will drive a straighter swing by making the face square at impact.  We routinely help people cure their slice.  If you need your slice cured, please give us a call

No Pre-Shot Routine

Developing a routine is very important.  Most of our students do NOT have a great routine to follow. The best golfers play a shot the same way as they happen before when facing the same scenario. Here are some examples:

  1. Establishing a target line. Staying behind the ball and drawing a target line between the ball and the target is strategic. Picking an intermediate spot about four feet from the ball and aligning the clubface and body lines to it is also a helpful preparation for a swing.
  2. Grip Assembly. Preparing your grip and addressing the ball from the side prepares you for the swing. The grip assembly is important so that you won’t have to twitch over the ball. As always advised, you have to aim the clubface to the target and position your feet consequently.
  3. Breathe. Breathing will help you focus. Focus on the primary target and make a confident swing.


No Visualization Of What To do With The Shot

Golfpro InstructionsWhen teeing, consider all the troubles and OB on the fairway; if so, you have tee where the trouble is on. By teeing on the side where the trouble is on, you can actually maneuver the ball in such fashion that your back faces the trouble. By looking down the fairway, you can barely see the trouble. Thus, by eliminating or ignoring the trouble you can actually make a confident swing.

So if you are wanting to improve your game, then golf instruction St Louis at its’ best is close and convenient.  Give us a call today and ask for a tour of our facility or to get a swing analysis.