Golf Lessons St Louis


If you want to improve your game and need the best golf lesson St Louis has many options available. Our philosophy that improving your swing depends on the extensiveness and effectiveness of your training has been shown to work with thousands of golfers of various abilities. The basic understanding of your swing and the steps needed to improve it impact your performance in the long run. Video-aids are the core and are available on training at our golf bays to efficiently and precisely work on the adjustments of your swings. With visual presentations, retention of these new skills is relatively high. With our committed vision to improve your skills, we know we can help you succeed.

All programs begin with a swing analysis to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.  One of the advantages that we have over all other golf training facilities is the instantaneous feedback you will get by utilizing  video golf lessons.

 St Louis Missouri Golf Lessons

A swing evaluation will be the basis of building your comprehensive Game Plan. This game Plan includes lessons and trainings with your PGA Certified Personal Coach, club fitting, video-aided practice and additional drills to help you succeed. To check your swing and progress at any time, a portal Player Performance Center is available online. The Game Plan offered to you will be based on your goals, availability and budget.

Our Packages

There are several lesson-only packages which are taught by our Certified Personal Coach. They also are offered in various pack sizes. Your lessons and drills are always accessible online.  Check out our choice of lesson packs here:  Plans

Indoor Video Based Golf Lessons


The core of your improvement in St Louis will begin with our in-bay sessions.  Basic skills are developed in these sessions where all of your swings are videotaped and analyzed with our proprietary swing analysis software. The main goal here is to establish a comfortable swing which is also easily repeatable. Each component of the swing, from the grip to follow through, is sequentially monitored and addressed. Our goals are in developing your rhythm and balance and establishing your distance and accuracy.




The development of important skills here are imperative to accumulate commendable scores. Working on the chipping and pitching shots are focused in the short game. Also, managing your contact, spin, trajectory and roll will be the key to opening your positive results. 

Putting Instruction

Every part of your putting strokes, which are grip, setup and stance; is managed in this pack. g-PUTT system will help you establish the consistency of your swing through motion and video measurement. You will be provided with golf drills to take into the course to prepare you in each round. With the refinement of your stroke, hitting your target will also be worked-up with.




This is the most fascinating and important part of your training because this is where we measure your swings with the variables or conditions in the course. Your coach will prepare you on how to handle bunkers, deep rough and other specialized shots while you learn how to manage your performance on the golf course and aim and drive for a better scoring.


Not only can you practice on our course but you can do it in while traveling, playing or practicing on different locations and still get feedback from your coach. With GolfTECToGo, you can upload the video of your swing and have it checked and analyzed by your PGA pro. Your coach then can provide comments, prepare drills if necessary, and make necessary adjustments and follow ups. We provide the tools to help you succeed