Improving Your Game – Indoors

Golf Video Swing LessonsWhy would someone choose to do golf lessons indoors versus being outside on the practice tee? Well first of all I am writing this article and it is 10 degrees outside in the middle of winter here in the Saint Louis. Would you like to go outdoors for a 30 minute session this afternoon? … LOL So the first real benefit of indoor lessons is that it is always sunny, 72 degrees, with no wind or rain. You are normally in a practice bay with just you and the teacher, so you have no other distractions and can really focus on what you are trying to work on – YOUR SWING.

Indoor Golf Lessons

Most facilities that offer indoor coaching combine this with the use of video. In an indoor environment it is very easy to correctly set up video cameras to help capture the swing from a variety of positions to help give the student get a great and comprehensive overview of their swing. Most of us are visual learners, meaning we learn faster by seeing, and with the use of video we help speed up the improvement process three to five times faster!

Golf Indoor Training InstructionsIn an indoor teaching facility you are normally hitting into a net and do not see ball flight. Many teachers that do not have access to an indoor facility say that this is detrimental to the learning process – you must see the ball flight to teach. We know this is a weak argument here – WHY? First of all, sometimes as you are working on swing changes you prefer that the student do not see ball flight. Watching the ball can be a distraction to what we are working on as we make changes. A perfect example of this would be if we are changing someone’s swing plane from an over the top move to a more desirable in to our swing path. As this change is implemented, initially one may see a un-desired ball flight, so in this case it is better not to see ball flight, but rather work on the mechanics of the new move and feel the different muscle movement.

Golf Indoor Simulator TipsPlus in an indoor studio, many of the more advanced teaching facilities (like us) will employ the use of a Ball Flight Simulator. These simulators are not only used to help fit someone with new clubs by analyzing data pertaining to ball flight (spin rates, launch angles, etc), but the better ones such as Foresight, are very realistic in portraying ball flight just as if you are on range. In addition many of them come with course loaded on them, so that you can actually play a hole or an entire round and simulate situations you may find on the real course.