Our Lesson Plans And Packages

Lesson Plan Availability

Here is what all of this boils down to.  If you want to get better, you need a plan and then you have to follow that plan.  You also need to have video to see what you are doing wrong and what it FEELS like when you swing properly to help correct the issues.  I want you to think about this very carefully.  Why would you want to go anywhere else, when we KNOW that you will improve more than three times faster with our program than with others?  It just doesn’t make sense.

If you are serious about the game or just want to not be embarrassing anymore, then give us a call. We have many lesson plans available for all budgets and levels of skill.  We would love you to come in and see our facility and find out how our state of the art facility and top notch PGA pros can make an incredible difference in your game.  Give us a call today!


Here are some examples of our different lesson plans:


Game Plan 3-10 (3 Months Video Practice, 10 Lessons, TECfit Club Fitting, 1 Mobile Lesson)

Game Plan 6-15 (6 Months Video Practice, 15 Lessons, TECfit Club Fitting, 2 Mobile Lesson)

Game Plan 12-25 (12 Months Video Practice, 25 Lessons, TECfit Club Fitting, 4 Mobile Lesson)

Game Plan 12-40 (12 Months Video Practice, 40 Lessons, TECfit Club Fitting, 4 Mobile Lesson)

Game Plan 12-52 (12 Months Video Practice, 52 Lessons, TECfit Club Fitting, 4 Mobile Lesson)

Lesson Packs

10 Lesson Pack

15 Lesson Pack

25 Lesson Pack

40 Lesson Pack

52 Lesson Pack