Video Golf Lessons In St Louis

Golf Professional Training Lessons

One of the greatest advancements in teaching in the past few years is the use of video in lessons. See more info about golf lessons St Louis here. If you are taking lessons or are considering taking lessons in the near future, one of the key requirements in continuing or signing up with a teacher for lessons is – DO YOU USE VIDEO IN YOUR LESSONS?  If the answer is no, or they say they do not need this to be successful in helping you with improving your game they are not doing you any favors.

For the student video is paramount. Most of us are visual learners, meaning we learn faster by seeing rather than being told (verbal) or being put in certain positions (kinesthetic). A student can learn faster when they are able to see the correct move as demonstrated by a professional on video or the teacher and then replicate that move. In the learning process it is also helpful for them to see themselves make the correct motion and then begin to feel how they are making this new movement.

Most of our students when they first see their swing on video did not think or did not realize they made the incorrect motion. They are shocked when seeing their swing for the first time. However, once they are shown the correct motion through the use of high speed capture equipment many of them are able to mimic the correct movement rather quickly. Plus through the use of video the student then can begin to understand what caused the bad or incorrect motion. It is very helpful for the student to see themselves next to a professional on a split screen making a swing or see themselves in a before and after environment – their old swing vs the new swing once changes are made.

Golf Lessons Video BasedFrom the teacher’s perspective, I do not care how good the teacher claims they are, if they are not using video they are not seeing things properly. The top teachers in the world all use video – no questions asked. Why? Bottom line, you can see things on video that you cannot see at real speed. Plus on video, you can slow the swing down or even stop it to see positions, movement and what is the root cause of the problem you are diagnosing. If you ask the question of the teacher – Do you use video in your lessons? – and they reply they do not need it, you will be better served to seek out someone who does.

Golf Club Swing LessonsBy not using video you might as well be trying to improve your game by going back to real wood woods and forged irons with balata balls.