Training Camp

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Training Camp Begins Today
If you really want this to be your season for annihilating drives, knocking down flags and posting lower scores, do not wait until mid-season. Team up now with a PGA Certified Golf Instructor and all of GolfTEC’s state-of-the-art technology to get more from your game, right from the start of the season. Conditions are always perfect inside our fully furnished training bays, where you’ll find everything you need to make this your breakthrough year. Training Camp includes a Swing Evaluation, 10 Private Lessons, 18 hours of Video Practice and a TECfit Club Fitting.



Swing Evalutation

This comprehensive 60-minute training session uses video interpretation and motion measurement technology to view and quantify the motions of your golf swing, revealing to your PGA Pro just exactly what needs to be worked on.


10 Private Lessons

Teaming up with a PGA Pro who completely recognizes your golf swing habits are the very core of your success. Together, you’ll use every bit of our technology to help build a solid, repeatable golf swing that will last a lifetime.


18 Hours of Video Practice

Watching a video replay of every golf swing is crucial to begin integrating positive changes into your golf game. Right from your hitting mat you will be able to see instant slow motion and stop action video replays of your swing, and even draw swing plane lines to double check every position of your swing.



TECfit Club Fitting

By making use of launch monitor technological innovations, we will evaluate your spin rates, launch projectory stats and other important information, and then cross-reference your personal swing information with Swing Lab’s database of thousands of golf clubs to help find the best golf clubs for your game.